Partnership and Network Development
Developing new and existing partnerships and networks
so that they can respond to new challenges and
changing policy requirements

Learning Plans for Organisations and Partnerships
Identifying the short, medium and long-term skills, 
knowledge and experience requirements of 
organisations and partnerships and developing learning
plans to assist sustainable development

Project and Organisational Evaluations
Identifying how far aims and objectives have been met 
by using action research methods to embed learning
at all levels, including identifying intentional and 
unexpected outcomes.




Business Planning
Identifying mission, aims and objective, background
research to justify need, budgeting and forecasting
and devising effective action plans and performance 

Funding Strategies and Fundraising
Identifying resource implications of  business
plans and devising strategies for sustainable income
generation from a  range of grants, service level
agreements, contracts, fees and commissions 
etc.  Includes negotiating with funding  bodies and
completing applications where required.
Management Committee Training
Management committee roles,  responsibility and
accountability, policy development, equality and
diversity,  strategic planning and learning plans, etc.